SCID Initiative

The Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) is proud to announce the creation of a new project, the IDF SCID Initiative. Driven by requests from the Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID) community, this new dedicated fund has been created for the purpose of supporting SCID specific programs which include education, awareness, diagnosis, newborn screening, and the search for a cure. The creation of the IDF SCID Initiative is a new step for IDF, as this is the first disease specific initiative to be proposed by the organization. As another first, IDF has developed an oversight committee for the Initiative fund, comprised of community members with specialized interest and knowledge specific of SCID.

In creating the IDF SCID Initiative, IDF encourages members of the primary immunodeficiency community with an interest in seeing the development of new SCID programs, to step up and contribute specifically to the IDF SCID Initiative. Meeting the aggressive program goals of the IDF SCID Initiative will require community support and resources. Special recognition goes to the opening contribution made by Molly Rennels and her fiancé Nick Lazzara as part of their wedding commitment to one another. The donation was made in memory of two members of Molly’s family, Raleigh Houck and Colin Marquard, both of whom lost their battle with SCID. This thoughtful tribute will help launch the first scheduled program, the SCID Conference 2008. More specifically, the IDF SCID Initiative will provide scholarships to assist families who might not otherwise be able to attend this conference.

Anyone wishing to make a contribution to the IDF SCID Initiative can do so by donating now online, or by mailing their contribution to:

IDF SCID Initiative
40 W. Chesapeake Avenue Suite 308
Towson, MD 21204

IDF is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and your contributions are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by IRS regulations.

Cayley The Musical Fairy DVD

Cayley The Musical Fairy DVD

The SCID Initiative has a new partner, Cayley The Musical Fairy. Cayley is the main character in a musical DVD fairytale that teaches children about the power of their thoughts. It’s a 15 minute DVD story with original music and illustrations, designed for children ages 3 and up. Cayley’s daily life is full of music and happiness until she encounters a mean stranger. Find out how Cayley learns that positive thinking creates positive emotions.

For each DVD sold, Cayley and her creator will donate $2.00 to the SCID Initiative. Be sure to select The SCID Initiative during check-out! This DVD makes a wonderful gift for a child and a wonderful gift to The SCID Initiative.

Thanks to Cayley and her creator Tracy!


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