‘Bubble Baby’ needs your help

‘Bubble Baby’ needs your help

Two-week-old Sanjana Praveen Shivanka, the ‘Bubble Baby of Sri Lanka’ needs your help, for slowly and surely time is passing and he may face the fate that his brothers were doomed to.

Like his two brothers whose graves are in the backyard of the home of their parents, K.B.N. Damayanthi and K.W.N. Neil Shantha, Shivanka is also affected by the Severe Combined Immuno-deficiency (SCID) Syndrome, a rare genetic disease for which he needs an urgent bone marrow transplantation which has to be performed in India.

SCID is also called ‘Boy in the Bubble Syndrome’ after the disease hit the headlines in the 1980s when David Vetter from Shenandoah, Texas, America who was born without a working immune system became famous when doctors placed him in a plastic isolation unit — since his brother had died earlier of this disease — to protect him from infections. David lived in this “bubble” for 13 years but died in 1984 following an unsuccessful bone marrow transplant.

Please make a contribution to the account set up by the Sunday Times to save Shivanka’s life:

linkback url: http://www.sundaytimes.lk/100725/Plus/plus_03.html


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