Melody’s transplant joy

Melody’s transplant joy

PROUD parents Scott Davies and Lauren Travis have hailed their “champion” baby girl who has bravely battled through chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.
The Express has been following the story of little Melody Davies who was born four months ago without an immune system, which meant a common cold – and a kiss – could kill her.
The tot was diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) and sparked a worldwide hunt for a bone marrow donor to save her life.
A donor was found just as time was running out and Melody had to undergo chemotherapy before the transplant at a Newcastle hospital three weeks ago.
Dad Scott, 28, of Briggs Avenue, Castleford, said: “Melody’s really on the mend now – she’s a champion. She’s a completely different child. She doesn’t look as sad and is much more happy and settled.
“She’s flown through the chemotherapy and she sailed through the bone marrow transplant too.
“It was a nice moment for us as parents, knowing that when we pushed that button for the transplant, we were giving her the start of the rest of her life.
“We have a chart on the wall which counts the cells which are developing her immune system back up and it’s slowly gathering pace.
“We hope that next month we might be able to take her around the hospital in a push chair. That would be great. Just to do the things you take for granted – like kissing her.
“We just want some normality as soon as we can.”
The family had a set back two weeks ago when Melody developed an infection and blood clot in her Hickman line – a tube which goes into a vein in her chest.

Scott said: “That was probably the worst week yet. I had just come home to Castleford and had to rush back. They were worried that the clot could have moved to her lungs which would have been fatal. But she got through that as well.
“I’m very proud of her. I have never known anyone be as brave as my daughter for what she has gone through in her short life. I could never suffer as much pain as she has had, she’s so strong.”
Melody is now in a critical period, which lasts 100 days after the transplant, in which she could reject the donor cells.
She is also awaiting results of a test which will determine how many cells from the donor have developed in her system.
Scott said they will be allowed to find out the identity of the donor in five years’ time and intend to do that.
He said: “We will definitely find him. We owe Melody’s life to him as well as all the people who donate blood – she has had so many blood transfusions. Every bit of help we have had from people has been brilliant.”
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