Bone Marrow Match Needed for Six-Month Old in Polk County

Bone Marrow Match Needed for Six-Month Old in Polk County

Reported by: David Oliver

Monday, May 5, 2008 @08:31pm CST


When a child is sick most people will do anything to help. That’s exactly what happened in Bolivar where perfect strangers spent the day swabbing their mouths to see if they might be the bone marrow match that a little boy needs.

“We’ve been getting the word out for the last couple of weeks, people have been responding. It’s been a real neat blessing” says event organizer Clayton McCullah.

Seated at tables and swabbing their mouths, these people are trying to make life better for six-month-old Granton Bayless.

“We found out his little boy has SCIDS. It’s severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome. And he basically needs a bone marrow transplant because he can’t produce his own white blood cells to fight off infection” says McCullah.

Granton’s dad is a teacher and coach at Bolivar High School. Several current and former students are among those who are trying to see if their marrow might be a match.

“I went to high school here. Heard my old coach’s kid needed some help. Thought I’d come try to help” says former student Scott Crain.bone22008-05-05-1210038034.jpg

“And I have four children of my own and I would do anything for them and I’m sure everyone in this community would do everything they could to help baby Granton” says Shelly Brown.

Organizers ordered 1000 kits for the drive. They’re surprised at how many people showed up to embrace the effort. Even if they aren’t a match for little Granton, they might be able to save the life of a perfect stranger far away.

“People need to realize they may not be an exact match for Granton. It’s kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. But they could be that needle for someone else. They could be contacted for someone who’s looking for a bone marrow transplant” says McCullah.

Normally it costs $52.00 to be tested and register to be a bone marrow donor. But the kits were free for the Bolivar drive because of a nationwide push to find more donors. Little Granton Bayless is being treated right now in Kansas City for pneumonia and RSV.

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