Bubble baby Logan’s Mother’s Day delight

Bubble baby Logan’s Mother’s Day delight

SPENDING Mother’s Day together at home was the best thing Logan Wilkieson’s family could have wished for.Logan, aged 11 months, is back at home after spending 16 weeks living in hospital in a “bubble” of clean air to help him overcome a deadly disease.

But now the smiling youngster is looking healthy again after undergoing the treatment.

And his parents, Gareth Wilkieson and Ruth Lawrie, from Horwich, are over the moon that he is home and they can get back to some sort of normality.

Mr Wilkieson, aged 22, said: “It is brilliant to have Logan home. We can’t wait to settle down and be a proper family again.”

Last October, Logan was diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), which affects one in 100,000 babies.

It meant that the slightest infection could have been fatal.

He was taken to Newcastle General Hospital, which has a unit that specialises in caring for babies with the illness.

His parents had to give up their rented home in Dale Street West, Horwich. Logan’s mother moved to Newcastle to be with her son, while Mr Wilkieson continued his job as a door-shutter fitter and stayed with friends, travelling to Newcastle at weekends.

Logan eventually had a stem-cell transplant and blood transfusion and is expected to make a full recovery and live a normal life.

After four months in hospital, he was allowed into a “halfway house” in Newcastle, but the family has now been allowed to return home.

They now have a house in Ince, Wigan, and are on Bolton Council‘s waiting list for a suitable place in their home town.

Mr Wilkieson said: “It has been very difficult working and visiting Logan, so it will be nice just to be at home.”

Miss Lawrie, aged 20, said: “It’s a bit overwhelming to be back. A few month’s ago we were not sure if we would get to this point. It was an added bonus to have him back home for Mother’s Day.

“We will be having lots of visitors as some people have not seen Logan for a while.

“He is growing up and crawling around now. He has already learned how to get up the stairs.”

12:09pm Monday 3rd March 2008

By Amanda Smith

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