First Christmas in a ‘bubble’ for baby

First Christmas in a ‘bubble’ for baby

WHILE most families tuck into turkey and open Christmas presents next week, one young couple from Bolton will be at a hospital bedside.

For Ruth Lawrie and Gareth Wilkieson have a son who suffers from a rare disorder which means he could die from the slightest infection.

Baby Logan Wilkieson must spend his first Christmas in a sterile “bubble” which protects him from germs and disease.

He is being cared for at Newcastle General Infirmary.

Mum Ruth, aged 20, said: “We will be having Christmas dinner on the ward and will spend all day there.

“Logan is allowed a few presents but not a lot. As a one-off, they can be wrapped up and Logan can take the paper off, but he won’t be able to play with the wrapping for long.

“Of course, we would want to celebrate at home and it is upsetting because of the circumstances, but we have to try to make it the best we can for him.”

Logan, who is nine months old, has a weak immune system caused by a genetic disorder, Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, which affects just one in 100,000 babies.

He had a vital stem-cell transplant and blood transfusion last month and is recovering well.

He is in a bubble of clean air at the hospital, and everything he touches has to be sterilised before it can be placed near him – which means he can only have plastic or washable gifts for Christmas.

Miss Lawrie and Mr Wilkieson, aged 22, have bought Logan a plastic drum for Christmas and a hammer and ball game.

The couple gave up their rented house in Horwich after Logan was admitted to hospital in Newcastle in October.

Miss Lawrie is now living in a specially-provided flat near the hospital, while Mr Wilkieson is sleeping at friends and at his parents while continuing his job as a shutter-door fitter. He drives to Newcastle at weekends.

Miss Lawrie’s parents, Margaret and Graham Lawrie, and her sister Katie, are visiting the hospital on Boxing Day.

It is hoped that, in a few months, Logan will be able to go home and should go on to lead a completely normal life.

His progress is being detailed in a blog created by Miss Lawrie’s sister which can be read at the website http://www.little

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By Amanda Smith

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