Help for Adam; Naples baby has rare disease

ONLY ON WINK: Help for Adam; Naples baby has rare disease

By Nick Spinetto, WINK News

Story Updated: Nov 19, 2007 at 1:51 PM EST

Naples – A Naples family needs your help.

Their 7 month old baby is fighting a rare disease that could take his life.

For months Adam Saada literally lived in a bubble.

Now wearing latex gloves and a surgical mask are a requirement just to see him.

“He was diagnosed with S.C.I.D, where he has no immune system,” said Amy Saada, Adam’s mother.

No immune system means you have to wear masks and gloves whenever you’re around Adam, so you won’t spread germs.

A sign on the front door warns guests: you must wear gloves and a mask in order to come inside.

“He’s been through a lot,” said Hussam Saada, Adam’s father.

Inside the home, Adam roams free, but it’s been months since he’s been touched without gloves or kissed without a mask.

In August, Adam was hospitalized and diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, or S.C.I.D.

His parents were told he had 30 days to get a bone marrow transplant or he could die.

“So far it’s been successful,” Amy said.

Amy was the donor.

After spending months in the hospital, Adam was able to come home November 1st.

“I’m smiling under my mask,” Amy said.

But his body could still reject the bone marrow.

He’s currently on a dozen different medications, including steroids, which cause his cheeks to swell.

A section of the refrigerator is reserved just for his medications.

With medications and the transplant, the family has accrued almost $600,000 in expenses.

Insurance will only pay so much, so the community is rallying behind the family.

“I’m thanking the community for everything they’ve done. This is going to be one special Thanksgiving,” Amy said.

So far people all over Southwest Florida have donated almost $70,000 dollars to help Adam.

“There’s something special about him,” Amy said.

The family has to wait until the end of December to see if Adam’s transplant will be successful.

If not, they’ll be back at square one and Adam will have to be hospitalized again.

To lend some support, the community is hosting another fund-raiser for Adam on December 7th.

It’s a spaghetti dinner.

It will be at East Naples United Methodist Church.

Tickets are $15 per person.

For a time and directions, you can call Marian Tosher at 239-793-4274.

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