Bold and Beautiful’s SCID baby part 4


Nick: Taylor, honey, you know, you really shouldn’t be here.

Taylor: Oh, I know, I know, that whole anonymous, confidentiality thing.

Nick: Yeah.

Taylor: But obviously, that didn’t keep you away. And I mean, how could I not? This woman just saved our baby’s life. I just–I just want to go talk to her for just a minute. I just want to talk to her and meet her, okay? Come on.

Brooke: (Exhales deeply)


Nick: Are you sure that you want to do this?

Taylor: Yeah, it’ll just take a minute. And then we can go see the baby.

Nick: No! Uh, no. Um, I-there he is right here. Th–th–they’re bringing the little guy out.

Taylor: Oh, he’s in recovery. Oh, my goodness. He looks beautiful. I want to go with him. I want to see him…

Nick: Okay, good, good.

Taylor: See him.

Nurse: We’re taking him to NICU now.

Nick: There he is. Okay, good, good. Look at him.

Taylor: Hi, baby. It’s Mommy. Ahh, Mommy loves you so much. Ahh, you’re so beautiful.


Bridget: Well, we have every reason to hope that the — the baby’s immune system will correct.

Brooke: And when will we know that for certain?

Bridget: It usually takes a couple months. But there is no mistake that what you have done for Nick and Taylor’s baby is amazing. You’ve given him every chance to have a healthy, normal life.

Brooke: He is a beautiful baby boy. You know, I could almost see the resemblance.

Bridget: Mom, you can’t talk like that.

Brooke: Honey, I know. I know he’s not actually mine. But we both know the history that I have with Taylor, with Nick. And when he tells her that I’m the mother…


Taylor: I think he looked so beautiful, and he looked so healthy. Everything’s gonna be just fine. But I do still want to meet the donor. I mean, you got to meet her. Is there some reason you don’t want me to?

Nick: Here we go.

Taylor: There is, isn’t there? Honey, what? What is it? What’s going on? Nick, wh–just tell me why you get to meet her and I can’t.

Nick: Can we just no– leave this rest for right now? It’s been a huge day. We should be grateful that our son is okay. C-can we–can we just let this lay?

Taylor: Meaning there is a reason? There’s a problem? What?

Nick: Let me help you into bed, honey. Come on.

Taylor: No. No, wait. No, please, just tell me what’s going on. When you met the donor, d-did you learn something about her? What is it? What’s going on?

Nick: (Exhales deeply) The woman in recovery– she’s not the donor we selected.

Nick: There was a mix-up at the hospital. We got her egg instead of our donor’s.

Taylor: What?

Nick: Now this is a shock, but what we need to focus on is the fact that our little boy is healthy and he’s okay. That’s what we need to focus on. That’s what we have to take from today.

Taylor: The–the egg donor we selected is not the biological mother of our child? So who is the woman in recovery?


Nick: I know this is a lot to process, but we have to be grateful that our baby got the marrow that he needed.

Taylor: But not from the donor we thought was the baby’s biological mother. So–uh– the woman in the recovery room– wh–wh– what–are you saying this is somebody we don’t even know anything about?

Nick: But she came to the hospital as soon as she knew our son was in trouble. She didn’t hesitate. She went through the entire difficult process of a bone marrow to save our child.

Taylor: (Exhales deeply)

Nick: But to answer your question — (Sighs) there was some confusion during the fertilization. (Sighs) and Bridget asked a lab tech for the Marone donation for in vitro, and instead she was given an egg dish labeled “Marone,” but it was earmarked for research. There wasn’t just one Mrs. Marone.

Taylor: Are you saying… Bridget?

Nick: No.

Taylor: Well, thank God. I mean, I love Bridget. It’s just that you two were married before, and I-I really can’t think of anything more awkward.

Taylor: So whose egg was implanted in me?

Taylor: Nick, whose egg was it?

Nick: It came from Brooke.


Taylor: I did not– I could not have just heard y–

Nick: You did.

Taylor: Brooke? Brooke? What are you talking about? The–the baby is from Brooke’s egg?

Nick: She’s the donor. That’s all. She’s just the donor.

Taylor: No! No! No!

Nick: (Sighs)

Taylor: I wanted a child, Nick– our child. But now what do I have? I have your child with Brooke?!

Nick: No. Taylor, you’re the mother. It’s–it’s yours. You’re the mother.

Taylor: (Sobbing) no! No! She’s–she’s ruined everything.

Nick: That’s not true. She–she–she didn’t know what was going– it’s not her fault.

Taylor: Don’t you dare defend her!

Nick: You–just listen to me.

Taylor: No, I’m not gonna listen to you. She’s–she’s stolen my child from me. She’s taken everything from me all my life. I mean–I mean, I just wanted a clean slate with–with you and–and me and our–our baby. And now it’s–it’s you and me and Brooke’s child. God!

Nick: No, it’s our child.

Taylor: Oh, is it? Is it?

Nick: Yes, yes, he is.

Taylor: Don’t you dare touch me. Don’t. I cannot believe this is happening. I can’t believe it. Oh, my God. (Sobbing) I’ve given birth to Brooke’s baby. I just can’t believe it. This can’t be happening. (Sobbing)

Brooke: Taylor?


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