Family holding fundraiser for “Bubble Boy”

Family holding fundraiser for “Bubble Boy”

Reported by ABC7 News
Posted on: Monday, October 15, 2007

NAPLES: A Naples baby who was born with a rare disease is getting help from the community. A fundraiser is planned for six-month-old Adam Saada who was diagnosed with “Bubble Boy Syndrome” at just three months old.

Since then, his family’s costs have been piling up.

Coin by coin, Adam’s brother Andrew has been saving his money to help save his baby brother.

“I have $189,” said Andrew.

But the birthday and allowance money won’t be enough to pay for the huge medical bills.

Adam Saada’s grandfather, Steve Tozier, says the boy and the rest of the family have both bad days and good days. He says their strength gets them by and their hope pulls them through.

Still, Adam’s disease leaves them with a very real fear.

“The biggest risk is you know, even a common cold, or if he gets sick,” said Tozier.

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, also known as the Bubble Boy Syndrome, means even the slightest sickness could be fatal for Adam.

His recent stem cell transplant could change all that. But his family won’t know if the procedure was successful for another month.

“You have to wear masks, gowns, and gloves – it’s the day to day care,” said Tozier.

So for now, the family is waiting as Adam goes in and out of the hospital and the medical bills grow.

“He’s in good spirits when he’s feeling good and the support of the community has been unbelievable,” said Tozier.

Wyndemere, the community where Tozier works, has raised over $30,000 for his family. But the transplant alone cost over $200,000.

“Resilience – I don’t know how they do it,” said Tozier. “We put our faith in him and God and we’re doing the best we can.”

A fundraiser has been planned for Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Gina’s CafĂ© in the Park in Naples.

The fund is being coordinated through Sharon Ardrey.

She says checks can also be made out to the “Sharon Ardrey Trust for Adam Saada” and sent to Encore Bank located at 3003 Tamiami Trail, Naples, Florida 34103.

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