Long-awaited transplant fails; “Baby Henry” awaits another

May 1, 2007
Long-awaited transplant fails; “Baby Henry” awaits another
Henry Moore is now seven years old

The seven-year-old boy that many people have come to know over the years as “Baby Henry” now needs another transplant. The long-awaited first one did not work.

Since Henry Moore was a baby, his parents have been fighting the clock to get him a bone marrow transplant. That’s because at some point it will no longer be an option to cure his disease, known as Kostmann’s Syndrome.

Henry and his family waited seven years to find a suitable marrow transplant donor, but despite this latest setback, they are not giving up hope.

Doctors tell the family it is rare for this sort of transplant to not work properly. Their explanation is that the chemotherapy did not kill of all of his own cells, which then attacked the new donor marrow. For now, Henry’s father says his son is basically like a “Bubble Boy” with no immune system against viruses or bacterial infections.

Henry’s doctors are trying to see if the original donor is willing to give his marrow again. If everything works as planned, Henry will get another transplant around May 15.

The Moore family maintains a web site that can keep anyone interested up to date on Henry’s progress.

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