Dashing for Grant’s Cause

Dashing for Grant’s Cause

Posted: 11:49 AM Mar 4, 2007
Last Updated: 10:39 PM Mar 4, 2007
Reporter: Kristen Ross

Amongst all the racers at the first annual Armadillo Dash, several red shirts bearing the phrase “Running for Grant” stood out from the crowd.

Melissa Cunnigham was one of nearly 30 runners who chose to wear the shirt in honor of a very special little boy.

“Grant has a very rare disease called SCID, otherwise known as the bubble boy syndrome,” said Cunningham. “He has been very ill. He is two-and-a-half years old, almost three, and we decided to just raise awareness in his honor.”

Cunningham is a friend of Grant’s family and decided to organize the group.

In Grant’s short life, he has already endured so much. He has already had three bone marrow transplants.

However, things for Grant are currently looking better. Cunnigham says the youngster’s courage is something that could inspire many.

“What he went through will not be in vain,” said Cunningham. “Now somebody else will know about what he went through and that they can raise awareness in his honor, and maybe somebody else will be saved through this.”

The Scott & White Marrow Donors Program was also in attendance at the race, ready to get as many willing people as possible to sign up to become a donor.

“Anybody that comes up can register,” Cunningham said. “They’ll get swabbed in their cheek, there’s no blood involved. It’s very simple. They’ll fill out some simple forms and then they will be in the registry.”

And for those who were “Running for Grant,” they hope people will seriously consider becoming a donor so that others in need can soon be on the road to recovery.

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