Maryville woman takes Winfrey charity challenge

Mikah Zobrist who died on December 23rd received his bone marrow transplant to correct RAG1, a form of SCID.

Maryville woman takes Winfrey charity challenge

Associated Press
Published December 25, 2006, 5:35 AM CST

MARYVILLE, Ill. — Oprah Winfrey gave the challenge. Deana Frey delivered.

The Maryville woman was one of 300 audience members of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” who received a $1,000 debit card this fall from the talk show hostess — with the stipulation that the money go to a charitable cause.

So Frey managed to increase the cash nearly eight-fold, and organized a crew of volunteers to help clean, paint and decorate a house that belonged to the family of a seven-month-old who had recently received a bone marrow transplant.

“She made a great Christmas,” said Heather Zobrist, the boy’s mother. Her son, Mikah Parsons, died Saturday.

The house in Highland, 20 miles northeast of Belleville, had been slated for demolition. The family moved in earlier this month.

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