Baby With Rare Disease Needs Bone Marrow Transplant

Baby With Rare Disease Needs Bone Marrow Transplant

SEATTLE — The family of a 3-month-old Spokane boy who is suffering from a rare immunodeficiency disease is searching for a potential bone marrow donor.

Caden Atchley is being treated at Children’s Hospital in Seattle for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome, or SCIDS, a disease that leaves him highly susceptible to infection.

“He can’t even fight off the common cold,” said Melissa Atchley, his mother. “He has absolutely no immune system, so if he was to catch a cold, it could be totally deadly to him.”

Video: Spokane Baby Awaits Bone Marrow Transplant

He cannot survive outside a hospital room without medication and needs a bone marrow transplant.

Doctors said Caden could stay healthy on medication for a while, but a bone marrow transplant is the only thing that will save him.

“People like Caden, in order for them to lead a normal life, in order for them to survive at all they need those bone marrow transplants,” said Dr. Jeff Otjen of Children’s Hospital.

So far, no family members or friends are a match, so the Atchleys are asking everyone to be tested.

“We’re going to find one,” said Josh Atchley, Caden’s father. “Somebody out there’s going to do it.”

Finding that person will be difficult.

“With Caden’s background, with me having a little Hispanic in me, that’s going to make it that much for difficult for Caden to have a match,” said Melissa Atchely.

Go to the links above to see how easy it is for you to be tested as a compatible donor — to save a life.

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