Family To Leave Canada To Help Boy With Rare Immune Disease

Family To Leave Canada To Help Boy With Rare Immune Disease
Tuesday October 10, 2006
Little Parker DesLauriers sits playing easily in his room, blissfully unaware of the world around

That’s something his parents can’t afford to do.

The child entered the world in January, but his life has been anything but normal. He was born with a condition known as SCID, or Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, a genetic disorder that leaves him unable to fight off any infection.

He’s been forced to exist in a sparkling clean environment as his folks look for a way to save his life and restore his world and theirs to some sense of normalcy.

“He has the most severe form of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, because it’s not just an immune problem, it’s a metabolic problem that causes damage to his other organs and tissues,” explains his father, Kevin.

Now the family has been forced to make an agonizing choice – literally go for broke to travel to Milan, Italy for experimental therapy that could cure him or stay here and wait for a miracle.

In this case, the choice is no choice, and the couple has already booked their plane tickets. But it comes with a stiff price.

The two teachers have both taken leaves of absence from their jobs and been forced to dip into their savings to afford a trip and a stay that doesn’t have an apparent end in sight.

“If untreated, he wouldn’t live probably past two,” his mother Traci relates about what doctors have told her.

While Parker’s life is about to undergo a sea change, it’s already been anything but normal.

The charming little boy lives in a dirt free environment, with his mother completely cleaning the house from top to bottom every single day.

He can go out of the house, but only with the protection of a plastic shield that prevents him from feeling the touch so many other youngsters crave and take for granted.

“His aunts and uncles have never held him,” laments Kevin as he contemplates the coming journey.

His family is hopeful donations will help aid them in their desperate search for a cure. But whether they get them or not, their plan to head to an unknown land is a done deal.

How do they keep going on? “We get a lot of strength from family and friends,” Kevin admits. “We also get a lot of strength from Parker.”

If you’d like to help the family in their quest for a cure, click here.

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